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Rapper Charles Hamilton and Briana, Who Punched Him, Get Counseling?!


Charles Hamilton and Briana Latrise iChat Counseling Video Session
In an iChat video interview, Ms Drama mistakenly calls hip hop artist Charles Hamilton the name “Chris” as she speaks with him and Briana Latrise (his former girlfriend who punched him recently).

Briana speaks in the interview and states that no one knew she was even related to Mary J. Blige until recently (after that right hook she served Charles Hamilton) due to the fact of how she chooses to live her life. Briana who is also Charles Hamilton’s assistant ousted the rapper about not going to media training like she set up for him.

Briana goes on to say that she’s not blaming ex-boyfriend Charles Hamilton anymore for putting out her business, but yet instead she’s blaming a couple of unidentified people in the media. Check out the video.

Teaser Video

Part 1 of Charles Hamilton and Briana Latrise iChat Counseling Session

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