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New Pictures Leak of Rihanna and Chris Brown In Bed Being Intimate


Photo of Rihanna and Chris Brown Intimate In Bed
Days after Chris Brown released a video stating he’s not a monster, while in the company of Bow Wow which is believed to have been shot at the home of NBA player Shaq, now new photos have hit the internet of the R&B singer and Rihanna lying in bed being intimate with one another.

The new leaked pictures of Rihanna and Chris Brown follow news that broke this week that R&B singer Rihanna would be subpoenaed to testify as a witness at a preliminary hearing during the prosecution against her then-boyfriend Chris Brown on felony charges for allegedly assaulting her.

The new photos of the former celebrity couple show the two intimate in bed snuggling as a bare chested Chris Brown kisses Rihanna on her neck as she’s laying in bed smiling with her eyes closed as he kisses her. The photo is believed to have been taken prior to the assault which took place earlier this year in which the Pop, R&B singer was seemingly brutality assaulted allegedly by Chris Brown.

Meanwhile, the hearing for the case against Brown, where Rihanna is set to appear at, is scheduled for June 22 in Los Angeles County Superior Court.

In related news, the new photos also follow behind alleged nude photos of Rihanna which leaked on the Internet earlier this month.

Check out the newly leaked photos of the then-couple, Rihanna and Chris Brown in bed kissing, being intimate and more.

Leaked Photos - Photo of Rihanna and Chris Brown Intimate In Bed Photo of Rihanna and Chris Brown Hugging In Car Leaked Photos - Intimate Picture of Rihanna Kissing Chris Brown In Bed
Photo of Chris Brown Wearing Lip Ring Photo of Rihanna Finger Tattoo and Painted Nails

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