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Lil Wayne Was ‘Baby Mama’ Lauren London’s FIRST?!!


Lauren London, Lil Wayne reported baby mama, model picture in pink bikini
Film/television actress, model and reported new ‘baby mama’ of rapper Lil Wayne’s unborn child, Lauren London, has been reported to be pregnant by the New Orleans, Louisiana hip hop artist and Cash Money Records recording music artist, but was first reported as NOT happy about the pregnancy. Later, it was reported that “Lauren London and Lil Wayne are fine and the two will raise the baby together.” Now, reportedly Lauren London is NOT happy again, according to new detailed reports, about being pregnant and also about losing her virginity to Lil Wayne?! Wait?! Losing her virginity to Lil Wayne?!!

As previously reported on HipHopRX.com, London was not happy about the alleged pregnancy and actually did not want to keep the baby at first, but decided to go ahead with her pregnancy in fear of alleged threats by Lil Wayne, founder of Young Money Entertainment, to go public with the news of her pregnancy and her decision to abort.

Allegedly, making a choice to avoid jeopardizing her career or public image, London, according to reports, decided to keep the couple’s unborn child, or so the story goes. At this point, London would now be around 5 to 6 months pregnant with her and Lil Wayne’s child.

Now, reports on blogs and websites are claiming that sources say insiders, who know the details of the couple’s relationship, have revealed that not only is Lauren unhappy about the pregnancy, but sources also revealed, that London was not too happy either about ever even losing her virginity to Lil Wayne.

Yes, according to reports, Lil Wayne may have been the fortunate one who could have taken the actress, model Lauren London’s virginity?!

As of yet, there hasn’t actually been any official comments from Lil Wayne, real name Dwayne Michael Carter, Jr. 26, and Lauren London, full name Lauren Nicole London, 24, or the alleged couple’s team regarding the reports.

Lauren London, Lil Wayne reported baby mama, model picture in pink bikini

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In related news, this reports comes two months after Pop, R&B singer Beyonce Knowles said that her hubby Jay-Z was her first [relationship], an insinuation that Jay-Z was the fortunate one who could have taken the Pop, R&B music star/actress’ virginity.

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