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Rapper C-Murder Facing 10 Yrs in Jail; Shooting Caught On Tape Leaks


Rapper C-Murder
Hip hop artist C-Murder aka C. Miller, real name Corey Miller, 38, plead no contest to attempted murder charges in a Baton Rouge courtroom on Wednesday for the August 14, 2001 shooting at a Baton Rogue nightclub. Following C-Murder’s no-contest plea, incriminating video evidence of the New Orleans, Louisiana native rapper has leaked on the Internet of the actual shooting in the club where C-Murder was accused of trying to kill a bar owner and a bouncer eight years ago.

In the video of C-Murder’s shooting, the rapper can be seen walking into the club entrance area where other people were, then walking back through the crowd of people again, and as he exits the club door, suddenly, returns with a gun in his hand pointing back into the club aiming as the crowd of people scattered in different directions.

The youngest brother of hip hop star, music entertainment mogul, producer and businessman Percy “Master P” Miller, founder and CEO of P. Miller Enterprises and former empire label No Limit Records, entered his no-contest plea to two counts of attempted second-degree murder and now faces 10 years in prison.

Prosecutors in the case are pursuing a 10-year minimum sentence, with credit for time Miller served in jail or under house arrest since being arrested August 2001 for the shooting.

Though a no contest plea is similar to a guilty plea, a no contest plea cannot be used as an admission of guilt in civil court which Miller was named in a lawsuit by the Club Raggs nightclub owner Norman Sparrow shortly after the shooting in Aug. 2001, but District Judge Kay Bates said Sparrow’s civil lawsuit will remain on hold until the second-degree murder charge against Miller is resolved in Jefferson Parish, according to the Advocate.

Miller still faces another unrelated murder charge stemming from the January 2002 killing of a 16-year-old teenager during a brawl in a Harvey nightclub, and is scheduled for retrial on Aug. 3 on those charges as well.

In the Baton Rouge shooting, C-Murder, who will remain in prison until his next trial, is set to be sentenced on August 25.

Watch the footage which has been leaked on the internet of the C-Murder shooting caught on tape which led to C-Murder’s no contest plea of attempted murder.

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