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Keyshia Cole Gets Mad, Stops Music At Concert, Walks Off Stage!


Picture of Keyshia Cole At Concert In Greensboro, NC
R&B singer Keyshia Cole at a recent live concert performance at her ‘A Different Me’ music tour, seemed to have gotten mad for some reason, stopped her music during the live music performance after pulling out her earpiece and walked off stage in the midst of the show.

In the midst of Keyshia Cole stopping her music and pulling out her earpiece, the singer walks over to the sound engineer booth before exiting the stage. Later Keyshia Cole returned to the stage to finish out her performance which was held in Greensboro, NC on May 22nd.

The sound was bad so she gets mad and walks off…then they restart the tour back from the beginning…
0:45- takes off her headset.
1:15-goes over by the sound guys to see whats up.
1:50-chanting “KEYSHIA! KEYSHIA! KEYSHIA!”
7:54-Starts again.
8:01-”We gone try this one more time ya’ll”
8:16-Makes comment about the screen
8:23-”Can ya’ll hear me now?!”
8:57-”Turn me up back there!”
‘I changed my mind’
Keyshia Cole
A Different Me Tour
May 22, 2009
Greensboro, NC

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