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Irv Gotti Likes Nas When He’s On That ‘Ignorant N–ga Sh-t’


Photo of Murder Inc. CEO Irv Gotti (Irving Lorenzo)
Although Irv Gotti of The Inc. (formerly Murder Inc.) never got a chance to sign hip hop artist Nas like he planned years ago, Irv Gotti recently explained what he likes about Nas when he raps in his songs.

Irv Gotti went ahead and cut the bull and stated that he doesn’t like Nas when he’s on the political or change the world raps, he just personally loves it when he’s on his ignorant n–ga sh-t.

“I personally like it more when Nas is on his QB, ignorant n–ga sh-t. When he’s on [a] ‘Made You Look’ [vibe]. When he’s on his arrogant sh-t. When Nas dumbs himself down, he’s nicer to me. I tell him that sh– all the time. … When he’s on some n–ga sh-t, he’s nicer,” VH1 quotes Irv Gotti as saying.

Irv Gotti went on to mention that he recently hung out with Nas and didn’t talk with him about his situation with his pregnant wife Kelis who filed for divorce.

“I gotta steer clear of that. That’s that man’s personal feelings,” stated Irv Gotti.

The music entertainment CEO did state that he’s there for Nas to go out party and chill, which is one of the reasons Irv Gotti’s estranged wife Deb is a little bit ticked off.

“I’m there for him. If he wanna go out, party, chill — I’m a phone call away,” Irv Gotti adds.

In related news, Irv Gotti recently stated that he would be releasing his R&B artist Ashanti citing that the two are in two seperate places.

“We don’t really speak or talk and it’s sad, but in another way it’s like it’s all good. I don’t think she could win – she needs some guidance, but she’s not thinking that and honestly, I’m going to drop her,” he told MTV News.

Meanwhile, Irv Gotti can be caught on VH1 for his reality television show “Gotti’s Way 2″ in which he let’s everyone into his daily life with his estranged wife Deb and three children each Monday at 9:30 PM CST/ 10:30 PM EST/PT.

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