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Rapper T.I. Arrives To Prison Early But Driver Turns Arounds


Picture of rapper T.I. being escorted by Arkansas police to prison
Hip Hop artist T.I. was ordered to arrive to jail in Forest City, Arkansas at 12 noon to complete his sentence of one year and one day, and though the rapper did arrive on today, he arrived 29 minutes late, but before that, he arrived early.

According to MyFox Memphis, rapper T.I.’s driver actually made it to the prison early, and, as T.I. ducked down in a black van with tinted windows to avoid the bevy of reporters, the driver drove pass the reporters unrecognized, slowly turned around, and parked a half a mile down on the side of the road for around twenty minutes before finally coming back.

Rapper T.I., real name Clifford J. Harris Jr., is set to serve a sentence of one year and one day in prison which he will be credited 305 days for home confinement he served while awaiting trial in the case, instead of the first reported 2 months prison time.

In related news, T.I., along with his five children, were captured on video at the rapper’s final concert before prison, taking the stage with rapper Soulja Boy, as reported on HipHopRX.com. In the video, T.I. joined Soulja Boy on stage during Soulja Boy’s live concert and music performance for his chart topping song “Turn My Swag On” which took place at the Philips Arena in Atlanta. An estimated 16,000 concertgoers were reportedly in attendance at the entertainment event where a crowd of supporters held up signs of encouragement for rapper T.I. as he prepared for this day (May 26th, 2009) — the day of the beginning of his 366 day prison sentence stemming from gun charges dating back to October 13, 2007 when the rapper was arrested for attempting to purchase weapons and accessories from undercover agents.

Originally, T.I. faced 10 years in prison for his charges, but under a plea deal was instead, ordered by a judge to commit to 1,000 hours of community service, pay a $100,000 fine, and complete another 500 hours of community service after his time in prison.

Watch video of T.I.’s highly anticipated arrival at prison, greeted by a bevy of reporters and loyal fans, of the rapper, who spoke to reporters.

Picture of rapper T.I. being escorted by Arkansas police to prison:

Picture of rapper T.I. being escorted by Arkansas police to prison

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