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Rapper Charles Hamilton Is Such A Lesbian?!


Picture of Charles Hamilton and Girlfriend Briana Latrise
After hip hop artist Charles Hamilton, a proclaimed Sonic The Hedgehog fanatic, became the buzz on the Internet after his controversial video interview along with Briana Latrise who punched the rapper during their now infamous taped interview, the mystery lady with a fierce right jab (Briana) has now been identified as his assistant, girlfriend and the step-daughter of R&B singer, Hip Hop Soul artist Mary J. Blige.

Rapper Charles Hamilton recently shared some of his thoughts on Twitter about the incident in which he stated, “lmao if you hit a girl ur Chris Brown if u don’t ur Charles Hamilton…could be worse..you could be OJ.”

Although the video of Charles Hamilton getting punched by Briana didn’t show any signs of pain, the rapper went on to claim that he did actually have a delayed reaction.

“That’s that delayed reaction pain. Feel free to laugh at it, but yeah. Didn’t hurt when she [Briana] first hit me,” continued Hamilton.

The rapper also revealed his gentleman side for women stating, “I suggest YOU ALL listen to “The L Word”. I love women. To no end.”

Then Charles Hamilton threw in a twist of words adding, “I’m such a f-ckin lesbian.”

Now on a new video the two (Briana and Charles Hamilton) have apologized for their behavior, including the show host of Hood News for not showing the other side of what happened when the two made up and apologized to each other.

Check out Charles Hamilton and Briana both speaking in another video interview on the punching incident.

Picture of Charles Hamilton and Girlfriend Briana Latrise

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