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Eminem, ”If You’re Anti-Oral, You’re Anti-American”


Photo - Eminem, Where Have You Been? Oral Report Today
Eminem, Where Have You Been? Hip Hop artist Eminem born Marshall Mathers who’s been off the scene for a minute and recently released his latest hip hop music CD/album ‘Relapse’ on Interscope Records, Aftermath Entertainment and Shady Records, is in a new mini-film.

In a new MTV short film the candid rapper Eminem goes back to high school and answers questions informing us to what he’s been up to for the past four years.

“A lot of people been asking me, yo Em, where you been at for the last for years?… Now don’t get me wrong, I love hip-hop, but the non-stop schedule can be a little overwhelming… touring, recording, court dates, it never ends. So I decided to take a little me time and do something I’ve been wanting to do for a while, go back and finish high school,” the rapper says.

In related news, Eminem will be performing for the MTV Movie Awards live on television this Sunday, May 31 at 8PM CST.

Watch the MTV video clip for Eminem, Where Have You Been? where the rapper says if you’re anti-oral, you’re anti-American for his Oral Report project.

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