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Kanye West Catches Girlfriend Amber Rose With Another Rapper?!


Photo of Kanye West, Amber Rose and Cassidy
Reportedly a rumor is circulating that Kanye West and girlfriend Amber Rose‘s relationship just went down the drain after Rose reportedly was on the down-low seeing another rapper.

According to blogger Gyant Unplugged, a source informed him that Kayne West ended the relationship because she allegedly was trying to see another artist… Philadelphia rapper Cassidy, while Kanye West had been out hard at work on projects for Rihanna, Jay-Z and others.

Reportedly, word got back to Kanye West of his budding bi-sexual lady taking a voyage and so the rapper/producer ended the relationship.

Kanye West hasn’t responded on the rumor and if we don’t see her strapped to his arm anytime soon, that should possibly give us an idea if it’s really a done deal for the dynamic duo.

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