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Drake Caught On Tape Saying He Loves Rihanna; Two Caught ‘Kissing’?!


Rapper Drake
Canadian hip hop artist Drake expresses his love for R&B singer Rihanna live on stage! One moment the rumor was that the two were dating and caught kissing at Lucky Strike Lanes & Lounge in New York, then Drake later responded to the rumor and denied any romantic relationship with Rihanna claiming they were just friends, well now a videotape has appeared on the internet of rapper Drake expressing his love for Rihanna on stage in front of a live audience!

Wait a minute?!@! First, rumor has it you were caught kissing?! Later, Drake claims he and Rihanna are just friends. Now a video appears on the internet of Drake saying he loves Rihanna.

Could it just be friendly love he’s talking about??!!

In the video, Drake can be seen on stage performing “Every Girl” which is said to be off his upcoming CD Young Money Entertainment collaboration album where he is reportedly at The Sound Academy in Toronto on his So Far Gone Tour. Well, toward the end of the performance, Drake decides this was a good time to express his love for Rihanna, giving the crowd a little more entertainment to cheer to, when he spoke the words “shout out to Rihanna, I love you baby!”

Check out the video of rapper Drake performing Every Girl and expressing his love for R&B music singer Rihanna live at The Sound Academy!

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