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Man Shot After Fight Erupts At Rapper Drake Concert Caught On Tape In Chicago


Photo of Canadian rapper and actor Drake
Canadian hip hop artist and actor Drake born Aubrey Drake Graham, 22, has found himself in the news after a man was shot following a concert at the House of Blues in Chicago where the rapper was featured over the weekend. HipHopRX.com has learned that a video of the entertainment event and fight was caught on tape, in which you can see Drake, performing his new music song “Best I Ever Had” on stage, when suddenly it was interrupted by ruckus in the background. Later in the video, you can see a disappointed look on the face of Drake who was being held back by hip hop artist Lupe Fiasco on the stage.

“But I still got one more song though — I still got one more song, f-ck them n-ggas b, f-ck them n-ggas, that’s dangerous sh-t to be fighting, all these beautiful women in here,” Drake states on the microphone followed by cheers of the crowd.

According to Chicago Sun-Times, an unidentified man was shot by a suspect who fled the scene after shooting the victim during some type of “altercation.”

The 21 year-old male victim, who was shot in the buttocks with a handgun was listed in stable condition after being transported to the Northwestern Memorial Hospital.

Authorities are still investigating the case which occurred early Saturday morning, May 16th.

Watch the video of Drake’s concert which ends abruptly when a fight breaks out at the live performance in Chicago.

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