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Justin Timberlake Facing Sexual Discrimination Lawsuit


Photo of Justin Timberlake and Southern Hospitality
It seems that Pop music, R&B artist Justin Timberlake has been hit with a lawsuit by a former employee who filed a sexual discrimination lawsuit citing that two managers of the singer’s Southern Hospitality restaurant in New York harassed and bullied her.

Former manager, Alison McDaniel, 29, filed a suit in Manhattan Supreme Court on Thursday accusing business partners Eytan Sugarman and Ronnie Kaplan of “discriminatory and morally despicable conduct.”

According to reports, the suit states, “One or more of Southern Hospitality’s owners and/or executive managers bullied, degraded, harassed and ultimately discharged McDaniel… because of her gender.”

In addition, the suit is filed against the managers for supposedly watching adult entertainment videos on the job while in the presence of McDaniel or as the suit states, “In at least one instance, defendants Sugarman and Kaplan viewed… pornography while in a locked room with McDaniel and made fun of her when she began crying.”

Alison McDaniel is stating that she was fired from the Southern Hospitality restaurant after sending letters to bosses and for making complaints of the harassment and also made mention that other female workers were subjected to discrimination such as a hostess who was nicknamed “that ghetto girl at the door.”

The sexual discrimination lawsuit lists Justin Timberlake as a defendant and owner of the restaurant as well as his longtime friend Tracy Ayala who owns the fashion clothing line, William Rast, along with Timberlake.

This is the second lawsuit, in more than six months, that the restaurant has received. The first lawsuit was filed on late last year in which a busboy made claims that employees weren’t getting their equal share of tips as well as overtime.

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