Lil Wayne I Am Not A Human Being Digital Album Download Has Merchants Afraid


Even behind bars, it looks like Hip Hop’s most popular artist and trendsetter has gotten business people and some merchants worried due to him setting up his business plan to release his latest music release ‘I Am Not A Human Being’ as a digital album download first, followed by a physical CD which will contain bonus tracks.

“I Am Not A Human Being” digital album download on the day of its release, September 26, topped the iTunes charts as the Top Hip-Hop Album and Top Album overall, as reported on

Why the worry? According to Billboard, the merchants are afraid that this may set a trend and could cause them to lose business. They are worried that fans will not even know that an artist such as Lil Wayne who decided to release his album “I Am Not A Human Being” as a digital download would even know he has a physical album coming out behind the digital release.

To go even into more detail, this could lead to an artist setting-up or even cutting out a lot, meaning an artist could utilize self-distribution sites which get you listed on sites like Amazon, CD Universe, Target, Walmart, amongst others who offer digital downloads.

If you know already, labels and merchants who haven’t completely integrated a way to compensate greatly for digital sales are still set-ups to run traditionally – sometimes referred to as brick-and-mortar. Brick-and-Mortar rely on retail shops where they can control the pricing.

Meanwhile, Lil Wayne’s label Cash Money/Young Money Entertainment expects digital download sales to reach 90,000 the first week and 25,000 the second week, a source told the magazine. Physical sales for the album “I Am Not A Human Being” is projected to be around 225,000.

“I Am Not A Human Being” releases October 12th on CD and, of course, is currently available for digital download online now.


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