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Rapper T.I. Gets New Prison Date Sentence


Picture of rapper T.I. - Clifford Harris Jr
Rapper T.I. born Clifford Harris, Jr has a new date scheduled for the beginning of his prison sentence stemming from an incident dating back on October 13, 2007 when the rapper was arrested for attempted to purchase a quantity of weapons from undercover agents.

First, reports had T.I. scheduled to begin his prison sentence on gun charges on May 19th, however now that date has now reportedly been pushed back.

Since the new date has been set, curiosity has grown as to whether this has to do with the possible rumored secret wedding that has been among the entertainment gossip to possibly take place over this weekend.

The Atlanta rapper is expected to be turning himself in to a low security prison in Forrest City, Arkansas which is 56 miles from Memphis, TN on May 26th, 2009 where he will begin a sentence of one year and one day. Low security is defined as a Federal Correctional Institution (FCI) which has double-fenced perimeters, mostly dormitory or cubicle housing, and strong work and program components. The staff-to-inmate ratio in these institutions is higher than in minimum security facilities.

While T.I. is expected to serve one year and a day, it is believed that his sentence may be cut short to less than eleven months after his extensive commitment to taking a more positive approach and completing his mandatory community service far beyond the call of duty placed on him by the Judge.

Meanwhile, in related news, T.I. along with rapper Lil Wayne both lead in the 2009 BET Awards with five nominations each in four separate music categories.

The rappers are nominated in the categories for Best Male Hip-Hop Artist, Best Collaboration, Video of the Year, and the Viewer’s Choice award category.

In the pre-mentioned categories, the rapper’s are joined by hip hop artists and R&B artists such as Rick Ross, Kanye West, Young Jeezy, Jamie Foxx, T-Pain, Jim Jones, Beyonce Knowles, Rihanna, Keri Hilson, Yung L.A., Soulja Boy, and others.

The BETawards is scheduled to air on television on June 28th at 8PM/7CST.

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