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Michael Jackson Prepping New Dance Moves For Major Comeback


Photo of Michael Jackson and Kenny Ortega
One of the greatest artists of our time or possibly of all time, for that matter, Michael Jackson, King of Pop, is returning to the music entertainment scene in a major comeback as announced through his re-union partnership with Director, Producer and Choreographer, Kenny Ortega, who has worked with Michael Jackson on his previous tours “Dangerous” and “HIStory” and who is also the man behind the dance moves in “Dirty Dancing.” Bringing back on Oretga is a sure sign that Michael will be working on some new dance moves for today’s generation. A quick search on the internet will bring up tons of dance videos which include tutorials and more of Michael Jackson’s infamous signature dance moves which is a craze for today’s YouTube, Myspace and Facebook viral video generation.

With a $20 million dollar budget, Oretga who’s been touring as the Director and Choreographer for the Disney’s, “High School Musical 1, 2 & 3,” plans to make the stage set, choreography, costumes, lighting, effects and overall production the highest standard and state of the art. With Michael Jackson utilizing the 10lb high definition or better yet, ultra high definition Red One video camera (as seen in the photo) which is such high quality that at first just to pre-order the camera, you had to make a deposit just to get on the waiting list.

Oretga who stated that his schedule was tight and was about to start shooting a new film, cleared his schedule up some to accommodate Michael’s upcoming 50 concerts at the The O2 arena in London.

Just to prove how much that Oretga is willing to work with Michael Jackson, he added, “My answer without a beat was nothing could keep me away. Collaborating with Michael on the Dangerous and HIStory tours were two of the greatest creative experiences of my life, to be invited to partner with him again is a dream come true. Working with Michael is always a true and full partnership, he is a creative mastermind, he assembles top professionals to lead his team and then inspires each and every one of us to climb to new places, break out of the box and conquer new challenges. He is the most significant artist and entertainer of our generation.”

For those who want to go to one of Michael Jackson’s “This Is It” 50 concerts, well, you may be a little to late, as the concert sold out in a matter of hours on March 13th, topping the box office records.

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