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50 Cent and Forest Whitaker To Star In Jekyll and Hyde Movie Remake


Photo of Curtis 50 Cent Jackson and Forest Whitaker
Hip Hop artist and actor Curtis ’50 Cent’ Jackson along with actor Forest Whitaker, both, have been tapped to star in the upcoming re-make of the movie Jekyll and Hyde. The re-make will be a contemporary version of ‘The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde’ novel by Scottish author Robert Louis Stevenson’s and will be directed by Abel Ferrera.

It’s funny to say that Keanu Reeves will reportedly also be starring in a version of Jekyll and Hyde currently titled “Jekyll” which will not be directed by Abel Ferrera but possibly Nicolas Winding Refn who is stated to be in negotiations. Director Guillermo del Toro who’s known for this gothic and horror flicks is also developing a version for Keanu Reeves which reportedly will likely be out in a few years.

So whose version will be better? That’s a good question to think about.

Meanwhile, Whitaker and 50 Cent will be playing the lead roles in their modern re-make of the infamous “Jekyll and Hyde” which will be produced by Glasshouse Pictures and Independent, with production to start late this Summer.

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