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Soulja Boy Plans ‘Classic’ Album, Sets Eye On Jay-Z, Kanye, Lil Wayne

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Soulja Boy Third Album The DeAndre Way
Soulja Boy Tell’ Em is currently prepping and working on his third album, the ‘DeAndre Way’ which he has high expectations for, as he is quoted on video saying, “…mark my words, this album will be a classic.”

The rapper stated in an interview with MTV News that everyone was calling him “garbage” and a “one hit wonder” after his hit song “Crank Dat,” but he came out with “Kiss Me Thru The Phone” his second number one single which was followed by his recent and third number one single “Turn My Swag On.”

“I’ve got everyone’s ears open right now. Everybody’s listening. So I’m finna hit’em with a classic album,” Soulja Boy stated.

The confident rapper stated that the album will go platinum and it will be the best album that he has put out so far.

Soulja Boy goes on to state that he’s looking to reach out to “hip hop’s greatest” and wants the best of the best on his album like Jay-Z, Kanye and Lil Wayne and Soulja Boy says, with this album, he’s looking to tell his story unlike his first two albums.

“The third album is going down,” added Soulja Boy.

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