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Gloria Velez Posing Topless In Body Paint Photos Promo For Pelle Pelle

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Photo of Topless Gloria Velez Backstage In Las Vegas
Hip-Hop video model and music artist Gloria Velez went on a promo in Las Vegas for Pelle Pelle, the urban fashion brand designed by Marc Buchanan. The sexy Gloria Velez became a half-naked topless canvas of art and body paint for the somewhat exotic promotion.

Not only was Gloria Velez’s half-naked body covered in body paint revealing her sexy figure and voluptuous breasts, but as if putting a cherry on top of the cake icing, Velez sported two diamond studs over her nipples leaving little, but much to fans’ imagination.

While posing with fans for pictures who were all smiles and hugs at the chance of getting up close and personal with the topless Gloria Velez, she was approached by one fan — an older lady — who seemed to actually ask Velez to touch her breasts, which Velez unfortunately denied the eager fan the opportunity.

Yet fans still got a chance to wrap their arms around the sexy Velez during their photo opportunities and there were probably no disappointments in that.

In related news, Gloria Velez reportedly has been working in the studio and in the video, of the topless body paint promo, you can hear one of Velez’s tracks entitled “Contagious.”

Check out the video of Gloria Velez posing topless in body paint in her Pelle Pelle promotion in Las Vegas.

Picture of Gloria Velez Topless In Body Paint For Pelle Pelle Promo Photo of Topless Gloria Velez Backstage In Las Vegas Photo of Model Gloria Velez Topless In Body Paint
Model Gloria Velez Posing Topless Wearing Body Paint Model Gloria Velez Topless With Nipples Covered By Diamonds

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