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Eminem Reveals Past Secrets About Drugs, How He Nearly Died and More


Photo of rapper Eminem
Eminem appears on the cover of VIBE’s Second Annual Real Rap Issue which is due to hit stands in June. In the magazine the rapper reveals a lot about his past drug addiction which led the rapper to downing as many as 20 Vicodin, Ambien and Valium in a day and more.

Revealing in his interview about not knowing how many drugs he was downing, the rapper stated, “The numbers got so high, I don’t even know what I was taking.”

To make matters even worse, the rapper stated that he almost died.

“My doctor told me the amount of methadone I’d taken was equivalent to shooting up four bags of heroin,” Eminem is quoted as saying. The rapper also states that had he known, he “wouldn’t have probably taken it,” but as bad as he was back then, he “can’t even say 100 percent for sure.”

Eminem on Vibe Magazine Cover, June 2009 Issue

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