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Cocktail, of For The Love Of Ray J, Tells Tila Tequila To Step Off Her Man!


Photo of Cocktail and Tila Tequila
Is Tila Tequila dating Ray J — R&B singer, celebrity and television host of the For The Love of Ray J show? Well, Joanna Hernandez, aka Cocktail, winner of the reality TV show “For The Love Of Ray J,” can be seen in a videotape telling Tila Tequila, internet celebrity, music artist and television host of MTV reality television show “A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila,” to ‘step off’ her man, singer/producer Ray J.

The comment from Cocktail comes in light of the recent rumors that Tila Tequila, real name Tila Nguyen was reportedly dating Ray J, according to Tila Tequila who reportedly blogged on her MySpace last Monday about dating Ray J.

“My baby is Ray J … and no man has made me feel so loved and so happy in such a long time,” Tequila wrote on her blogs, according to numerous reports.

“So there you have it! Tila Tequila is officially dating Ray J!!!!!! I think we have the cutest couple…don’t you?????” Tila Tequila supposedly added.

Well now the controversial rumor has spread and gotten back to Cocktail, winner of For The Love Of Ray J TV show which labeled her Ray J’s girlfriend and him as Cocktail’s boyfriend. Cocktail now, in a video response to the rumors and to Tila Tequila, can be seen sitting on a bar as if at a photo shoot wearing what looks like a pink laced two piece lingerie bra and panties outfit telling Tila Tequila to stay away from her man!

“Tila wha? Tila Who!? That’s my man, so step off,” Cocktail warns Tila Tequila.

As far as Ray J is concerned, the singer and advertised playboy, reportedly has twittered to both women over a course of only a few days stating to Cocktail, “You know I wish u were here with me,” on Friday and the “@official Tila love you more!!! You my future wifey,” on Monday.

Who would ever thought that Cocktail and Tequila would not mix? Ever heard of a Tequila Cocktail?

Well there may be more to know later as details or should we say “the tails” or “the tales” unfoil at a later date possibly.

In related news, Tila Tequila, who’s known for being one of the most popular if not the most popular artist on MySpace, has recently been releasing videos via her YouTube and MySpace about new songs and music videos she’s working on. Her latest titles include “I Fucked A DJ” and “Do Yo Dance.”

Meanwhile, Cocktail has been making promotional appearances in interviews, in a new photo shoot and elsewhere since the For the Love of Ray J show and reunion while Ray J, who released a soundtrack for the show “For the Love of Ray J” back on March, a month before the show’s reunion, has also been making promotional appearances since the release of the soundtrack and new music video for single “Sexy Ladies” featuring Truth and Shorty Mack.

Watch the video of Cocktail telling Tila Tequila to stay away from her man Ray J!

Cocktail aka Joana Hernandez comments on rumors of her man Ray J and Tila Tequila rumors!!!

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