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Eminem’s Album Relapse Leaked On The Internet

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Photo of rapper Eminem
Less than two weeks prior to the highly anticipated release date of Eminem’s forthcoming album, “Relapse,” numerous songs including snippets of music tracks and a clip from the alleged “Crack A Bottle” music video was leaked.

Early Monday, a track planned to release on iTunes, Tuesday, under the title “Old Times Sake,” featuring Dr. Dre, was released early.

Eminem isn’t the first to have his material leaked online, the mentor’s rapper 50 Cent suffered something similar as well as other music artists, but in the case of 50 Cent, the rapper and businessman went to hunt down the source which he believed was an industry insider.

The question is now, will this leak harm the the release of the album or sales, or will “Relapse” suffer a relapse and cause for Eminem to do a switch up on everyone. Meanwhile, Relapse is still scheduled to release on May 19.

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