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Singer Ciara To Have Online Virtual Concert at Planet Cazmo


Photo of RnB singer Ciara
R&B singer Ciara is set to perform a virtual concert come May 2nd as an animation in partnership with Planet Cazmo. The singer’s virtual concert follows behind artists such as Soulja Boy, Yung Berg, amongst others.

Planet Cazmo is described as a place to make friends and a virtual world set inside an alien solar system who have been inspired by music, hip hop and other earth cultural phenomenon.

The singer will be performing a number of her hit songs as well as voiceovers at the “Cazmorena” which is a virtual concert arena on Saturday at 11PM CST. After the first concert is performed, it will be replayed every hour until 8PM CST for those who missed the first initial broadcast.

Special tickets are available at planetcazmo.com for those who would like to take part in the virtual concert.

The concert takes place three days prior to the release of her album “Fantasy Ride” which is scheduled for release May 5th, 2009.

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