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Mike Jones and the Stolen Gold Chain

Hip Hop

Photo of Mike Jones and his Stolen Ice Age Gold Chain
Mike Jones had his gold chain stolen but says, it’s not a problem, it was insured and he’s got another one on order that’ll take around 3 months.

The Houston, Texas music artist and rapper, who’s just dropped a new album entitled The Voice on yesterday (Apr. 28) which includes his single “Cuddy Buddy” (featuring T-Pain, Trey Songz, Twista and Lil Wayne), re-surfaced as a new man with considerable weight loss — 100 lbs. to be exact from eating Subway, believe it or not, like Subway spokesperson Jared S. Fogle, aka “The Subway Guy” — according to hip hop site Baller Status, whom the rapper explained the theft of his white platinum, jewel encrusted chain and Ice Age pendant to, in a recent interview.

Photo of Mike Jones and his Stolen Ice Age Gold Chain

“I was asleep in my house one day, I woke up, and my homie stole it from me,” Mike Jones explained to BallerStatus in his video interview regarding close friends — ones he grew up with — who waited until the rapper fell asleep, then ‘crept off’ with his expensive jewelry with possible as much sentimental value to Jones than monetary value. “They stole the [white platinum] chain, the bracelet, and the watch, but I still got my ring though. I’m good. All that was insured, so all that’s coming back,” rapper Mike Jones added.

But, is it really worth it? Are gold chains really worth the effort anymore?

Well maybe not if you ask Jay Smooth, creator of the Hip Hop Music Blog, founder of New York’s longest running hip-hop radio show, WBAI’s Underground Railroad and host of the video blog ill Doctrine.

Check out his video, Mike Jones and the Gold Chain Ecosystem, and listen how he feels the Gold Chain’s role in hip hop now weighs in:

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