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Kim Kardashian’s Blonde Photos: ”Get Wiggie Wit It”


Kim Kardashian’s Blonde Pictures
Kim Kardashian’s blonde pictures has everyone saying “Kim Kardashian goes blonde!” well we say Kim ‘Get Wiggie Wit It!” Yes, it’s true, the celebrity socialite and reality television star of “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” did go blonde, with the help of a wig, according to Kim.

“It’s a wig! Did I have you fooled?” Kim posted on her blog on Monday.

“I did a fabulous photo shoot this weekend and they put this hair piece on! I haven’t taken it off since,” she added in regards to the reasoning behind the new blonde hairdo.

Adding that she’s “really loving the look,” Kim Kardashian states she’s “been wearing it around New York” and because everyone thought it was her real hair, she’s thinking about possibly getting a blonde dye but wants to know first what her fans think.

“NO!!! Do not color your hair it is gorgeous the way it is. Besides, you kind of look like JLo with that hair,” one reader posted, under the name gunnyswife, in reply to her question about should she dye her hair.

“You look great, because you are gorgeous, but I think you look 10 times better as a brunette is your signature look…,” another poster, under the name YAYA, adds in reply on her blog.

The list of replies from her fans goes on and on and on with fans pleading and pleading her to keep her signature hair color, until farther on down, one reader responds “Great wig by the way! Yeah why not change your hair color for the summer! I think you look good either way.”

Well, it’s Kim Kardashian, so what’s hair got to do with it — bald, blonde, red, yellow — it’s still Kim Kardashian and who would dare argue that hair could put even the lightest scratch on her beauty. Maybe though, that’s a good question to ask the fans of Cassie, who also had a drastic hair change, but hers wasn’t an add-on it was a half-off. Earlier this month, the singer revealed pictures showing that she had cut all but half her hair off.

Well, that’s another story, but here’s an interesting question though: Kim — do blondes have more fun?

Check out Kim Kardashian’s blonde photos:

Kim Kardashian Blonde Wig Picture Picture of Blonde Kim Kardashian Photo of Blonde Kim Kardashian
Photo of Kim Kardashian Blonde Picture of Kim Kardashian Blonde Picture of Kim Kardashian in Blonde Wig
Photo of Kim Kardashian in Blonde Wig Kim Kardashian Blonde Wig Photo Sexy Photo of Kim Kardashian As A Blonde

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