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Rick Ross At 50 Cent’s Funeral; It’s ‘Cold Blooded!’


Photo of Rick Ross standing over 50 Cent casket at funeral
Rick Ross buries rapper 50 Cent “In Cold Blood,” which is the Miami rapper’s new music video from off Rick Ross’ new album Deeper Than Rap which is in stores now. The Miami rapper released the video entitled “In Cold Blood” over the weekend showing the rapper inside of a church dressed in an all black suit with black gloves standing over a coffin of the supposed body or, in his sense, the dead career, of rapper Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson.

“50 [Cent] you better watch it!,” Rick Ross starts at the beginning of the lyrics preceding one of his breakdowns in the song and video followed by “Do him in cold blood, look him in his eyes, may do him with no gloves.”

Then while comparing his proposed crime to the world famous case of O.J. Simpson, Rick Ross raps “Beat the case like Orenthal/By the law, it’s so hard to pin a big dog/Live on.. so I still ball/In my earliest convenience, I’ma kill ya’ll.”

At the end of the video the credits roll showing that the video was directed by Spiff TV followed by contact info for Mayback Films.

Watch Rick Ross Talk About How He Buries 50 Cent “In Cold Blood” At His Funeral:

Watch Rick Ross’ New Video “In Cold Blood”

Photo of Rick Ross standing over 50 Cent casket at funeral Photo of Rick Ross preaching at 50 Cent acted funeral

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