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Rick Ross Look-A-Like Disses 50 Cent, Shops Ladies Underwear At Walmart


Rick Ross shops ladies underwear in new comedy parody
There’s something viral about the hip hop beef between 50 Cent and Rick Ross, as it has sparked more spin-off entertainment probably than most any other hip hop beef in digital history.

In a new viral video comedy parody, the look-a-like Rick Ross referred to by many as ‘Officer Ricky,’ for his chosen dress attire of a correctional officer, goes shopping at Walmart and he ‘gets his snack on,’ gets his ‘dance on’ and much more!

Rick Ross shops ladies underwear in new comedy parody

While the video plays tracks from the real rapper Rick Ross’ Deeper Than Rap album which was released earlier this week on Tuesday (April 21), the ‘look-a-like’ Rick Ross goes through the alleged retail giant Walmart while picking out various shopping items from donuts (“Boss needs donuts, every cop needs one”), to a tiny bikini top of a two piece swimsuit/lingerie outfit, to almost getting caught purchasing 50 Cent’s latest CDs which the Rick Ross look-a-like was caught dancing to the music while in the Walmart CD music aisle.

“Ohhhh, shh… f-ck the monkey, take ‘em off the streets, the monkey swaggerless,” the Rick Ross look-a-like states in the video parody after getting caught dancing to 50 Cent’s music while holding his latest CDs.

Afterward, he continues shopping while thanking rapper 50 Cent for taking his baby mama shopping, referring to when 50 Cent brought out the real Rick Ross’ baby mama Tiallondra “Tia” Kemp to NY. The two were later hugged up with her in photos, while 50 Cent interviewed her for dirt on Rick Ross and took her shopping for a fur coat and more.

“Hey Curly [50 Cent], you swaggerless monkey, thank you for buying my baby momma a fur coat, it’s nothin’ to the Boss, you ain’t hurt the Boss,” stated the look-a-like Ross followed by “My son Junior… started early, the next generation… Boss! Police officers! Boss! Gon’ arrest you n-ggas for the next 50 years,” he states while holding up a toy police officer kit.

Toward the end of the video, the Ross look-a-like threw out shouts to Walmart, “Deeper Than Snacks,” while ending on a bump-and-grind dance on the ground in the middle of the Walmart floor.

Check out Rick Ross, the look-a-like, aka “Officer Ricky,” made infamous by 50 Cent in his song “Officer Ricky ‘Try Me’ (Rick Ross Diss)” and his “Officer Ricky” diss cartoon series, in the video Rick Ross: Deeper Than Snacks.

Rick Ross buying toy police kit in Walmart in comedy parody Deeper than Snacks Rick Ross look-a-like shopping in Walmart

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