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Rapper Chingy Denies Having Sexual Relations With Transsexual


Photo of rapper Chingy
Rapper Chingy recently addressed rumors that he had sexual relations with a transsexual. Rapper Chingy real name Howard Baily was accused of allegedly “messing around” with transsexual rapper Foxxjazell whom Chingy claims he never even ‘seen a day in his life.’

“I don’t have a secret lifestyle my n-gga, like what is you talking about. I didn’t know somebody could hate a n-gga that much to where they would actually go and make this sh-t up…,” stated Chingy in the video regarding the rumors.

“What ever radio station that is….. they can eat a d-ck because that’s just outta line…knowin that you tell a lie…. The transsexual [Foxxjazell] they tryin’ to say that the sh-t happened with, I don’t even know that person. Never seen that person a day in my life,” Chingy added regarding the transsexual rapper.

In the radio interview which first sparked the rumor, Foxxjazell, the transsexual rapper referred to Chingy by his real name showing that she supposedly knew the rapper personally while throwing the fact the she also knew names of people he knew, which Chingy also disputed.

“Only thing that person knew was my name and who don’t know my real name? I say my real name in my motherf-cking raps so everyone knows I’m Howard Bailey of course,” claimed Chingy knocking the real name referenced by Foxxjazell.

The rapper went on to make light of the incident stating, “But you know, that’s just some funny sh-t, what they trying to pull off… throw dirt on my name and get some fame from it…”

“I’mma be worried when ain’t nobody talking about me,” the rapper stated towards the end.

Watch Chingy as he denies being with the transsexual rapper Foxxjazell.

Watch the original radio interview of Foxxjazell making claims she had sexual relations with rapper Chingy.

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