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Tahiry, Joe Budden’s Girlfriend, Goes On Sex Strike!


Tahiry Denies Joe Budden The Goodies
Joe Budden’s girlfriend who was recently featured on one of the last covers for King Magazine, denies Joe Budden the goods after getting upset with him for not being at the house when she got there and for showing up late. The rapper video tapes Tahiry in the bed who’s wrapped snugly under the covers at almost six in the morning asking her questions about sharing her goods, while Tahiry scolds him.

“At the end of the day if you don’t act right, you don’t get no good stuff,” stated Tahiry unfortunately leaving Budden hanging.

Tahiry Denies Joe Budden Sex

According to Joe Budden’s description of the video, Tahiry was drunk and he was just a horny wiener man.

“she was drunk, i was horny… didn’t make 4 a good combination.. i was just gonna keep this 1 in the archives, but f-ck it, sharing is caring.”

At the end Tahiry tells Joe Budden the line “word is bond” and also hints of starting her own TV channel dubbed Tahiry TV.

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