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Xzibit Needs Someone To ‘Pimp His Taxes!’ $500K IRS Debt Exposed?


Xzibit photo
Rapper Xzibit, who’s known for hosting MTV’s Pimp My Ride, is reportedly in serious debt with the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) and needs someone to ‘pimp his taxes!’

Reportedly, the rapper/television personality and actor, born Alvin Joiner, 34, owes the IRS in back taxes totaling the sum of $501,840.

According to the Detroit News, the rapper’s debts breaks down as follows:

$205,485: The IRS filed a lien in this amount on Feb. 4 in the Los Angeles County Recorder of Deeds office.

$296,355: The IRS filed a lien in this amount on April 17, 2008, in Los Angeles County.

Xzibit may be the latest celebrity in the news for tax debt but he’s not the only. On last month, rapper Lil Kim, who’s been starring in the popular new reality television series “Dancing With The Stars” where she recently had a wardrobe malfunction during the show, was in the news also back on March for her supposed tax debt of nearly $1 million dollars.

Currently there has been no comments from Xzibit or his reps regarding the news reports of his alleged debt with the IRS.

The rapper is currently on an international tour in Europe called the “Euro Dollar European Tour” and is currently featured in a new film entitled American Violet which released in theaters today (April 17).

The movie “American Violet” is about a Texas woman by the name of Dee Roberts, played by Nicole Beharie, and her life changing story as a victim of Texas police drug enforcement tactics and her battle with the Texas justice system.

Along with Xzibit, who plays Darrell Hughes in the film, the movie also stars Michael O’Keefe, Alfre Woodard, Will Patton, Tim Blake Nelson and others.

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