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Fat Joe Explains Attacking G-Unit, 50 Cent on Mafia Music Remix


Rapper Fat Joe explaining 50 Cent attack
In this video interview, rapper Fat Joe explains his attacking rapper 50 Cent on Rick Ross’ song Mafia Music Remix, which also features 50 Cent rivals The Game and Ja Rule.

“I was done with… I was felt like he [Rick Ross] asked me to do it… I got so much of this built up tension in me, that I had to let it go,” Fat Joe explained in his brief statement made to hip hop site HipHopStan.

In his diss verse on the Mafia Music Remix, rapper Fat Joe takes aim at the G-Unit crew such as Nelson Gomez, while attacking 50 Cent referencing the past incident when 50 Cent’s chain was allegedly snatched on stage.

“Still went to Africa/still wore the big chain/where you got robbed at/n-gga on the same stage/I say sh-t that you cant say/cause I am not a snitch/I ain’t bitch made,” Fat Joe’s verse dissing G-Unit’s 50 Cent goes.

Check out the short clip of Fat Joe talking about his attack on 50 Cent in the song Mafia Music Remix.

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