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Tahiry, Joe Budden’s Girl, ”My Ass Is 100 Percent Natural,” Complete King Magazine Photo Spread

Baby Got Back!

Tahiry King Magazine Photo Spread
In case you missed it, there was video taken from Tahiry (Joe Budden’s Girl) behind the scenes in her sexy photo shoot for KING Magazine’s last issue cover released, and now the magazine spread itself along with photos have leaked online revealing portions of Tahiry’s interview where the new cover girl and girlfriend to rapper Joe Budden talks about how she sometimes has to defend the authenticity of her “ass.”

Tahiry to KING Magazine, My Ass Is 100 Percent Real!
First, in the video Tahiry can be seen topless in a sexy jungle like skimpy outfit revealing the booty that made her famous on Joe Budden TV, while posing for the photographer behind the lens. What does Joe Budden think of his girlfriend, Tahiry, posing half-naked for the camera, well the rapper was humming a tune as heard on the video and had this to say after posting it up for Joe Budden TV fans:

Be proud baby, i’m proud of you… this is a big deal…(why am i typing to her when i can tell her later, duhhh)…
luckily 4 me i have about 20 of these clips, with this being the shortest 1..

to all of tahiry’s haters (cuz she has haters now), why are u watching ?? or why r u posting anything with Tahiry attached to it on your pathetic websites ?? To generate traffic ?? I know, its tough being a loser, especially as an adult…

In her photoshoot magazine spread for King, Tahiry can be seen in various bikini outfits while revealing information such as that she feels like she needs to carry around a picture of her mother to show that she really did ‘get it from her momma.’

“My ass is 100 percent natural. I feel like I have to walk around with my mother’s picture and show people that people are born with asses like this,” states Tahiry as seen on one of the magazine spread photos.

Check out pictures of Tahiry (Joe Budden’s girlfriend) in her KING Magazine Photo Shoot Spread. The real magazine will be on newsstands on April 21st.

Tahiry on Final Cover of King Magazine Tahiry King Magazine Photo Spread Picture Tahiry (Joe Budden Girlfriend) King Magazine Photo Spread
Tahiry King Magazine Bikini Photo Spread Tahiry King Magazine Black Bikini Photo Spread Tahiry King Magazine Bikini Photo Spread - Pulling Off the Bottom
Tahiry King Magazine Bikini Photo Spread - In the Bed Tahiry King Magazine Photo Shoot - Behind the Scenes Tahiry King Magazine Photo Shoot - Picture Behind the Scenes

Shouts to RapRadar for the pics and JoeBuddenTV for behind the scenes vid.

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