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Rapper Jim Jones Speaks About Twitter, And Recent Arrest

Digital Technology

Jim Jones twittering during interview about arrest
Twitter Gets Rapper Jim Jones in Trouble

Jim Jones ‘got love’ for the new technology and social craze Twitter, which enables its users to send and read other users’ updates via online posts or through mobile phone or other electronic device. Jim Jones, whose real name is Joseph Guillermo Jones II, spoke with FOX 5 NY’s Cora-Ann Mihalik about how he never stops tweeting, even during his recent arrest in New Jersey for an outstanding warrant.

The rapper claims he only stops “twitting” on his phone when he’s driving.

During the interview, which was about Jones’ arrest on Monday morning where there rapper “twitted” before, during and after his arrest, Jones also offered advice for Tweeters.

In related news, the rapper is currently free after posting his outstanding cash fine of $120. Yes, we know, not so outstanding for even a regular Joe, let alone a rap star such as Jones.

Anyway, watch Jones talk about the whole entire incident.

Jim Jones twittering during interview about arrest

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