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Rapper Coolio Pleads Not Guilty To Crack Cocaine Drug Charges

Hip Hop

Photo of rapper Coolio
Hip-Hop music artist and actor Coolio, born Artis Ivey Leon Jr, pled not guilty in court on Friday, April 3, 2009 to one felony count of possession and a misdemeanor on battery and possession of paraphernalia.

As previously reported, the rapper was arrested back on March 6th during a routine airport luggage check-in at the Los Angeles International Airport when allegedly the rapper got into an altercation with the airport screener to prevent his luggage from being searched. The rapper’s luggage was later found to have contained crack cocaine and a crack pipe.

Currently free on $10,000 bail, Coolio is expected to appear back in front of the judge on April 20.

If convicted, Coolio faces up to a maximum of three years in prison.

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