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Keri Hilson Foreplays Around, So Lil Wayne Taps Da’ Booty Like A Bad Girl!


Keri Hilson and Lil Wayne Flirting at I Am Music Tour
While on Lil Wayne’s I Am Music tour in Universal City, CA which features Keri Hilson, Gym Class Heroes, Gorilla Zoe and T-Pain, singer Keri Hilson performed her song “Turnin’ Me On” along with rapper Lil Wayne. Later in the performance, the sexy Keri Hilson spoke to the crowd about how Lil Wayne was turning her on as she began to flirt with Weezy and started to play around or should we say ‘foreplay’ around on stage.

“Ladies, I don’t know about ya’ll but he’s definitely turning me on right now…,” Keri Hilson stated in a flirtatious manner.

The singer then went on to continue flirting by pulling up the rapper’s shirt exposing his briefs and stomach while claiming, “Ain’t a damn thing little about this Wayne.” Following that, Keri Hilson tapped Lil Wayne on the butt which resulted in the rapper doing a little flirting of his own by returning the gesture.

Watch Keri Hilson flirt with Lil Wayne live on stage.

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