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Dawn Richard of Danity Kane Mourns The Loss of Her Grandfather


Photo of singer Dawn Richard of Danity Kane
Dawn Richard of R&B female group Danity Kane, expressed her feelings and revealed her grief over the loss of her beloved grandfather.

“My grandfather..he was a good man..great times with him,” stated Richard on her blog in regards to the memories she has of her late grandfather.

The singer went on to say that her family was gathering over the weekend to talk about him and to ready for his funeral which was today, according to Richard.

“Funeral today…pray for my family,” Richard asked of her fans and friends.

Later the singer thanked her fans stating that her ‘grandpa’ was with GOD, and she’s planning to move forward with her life and career and “make him proud.”

“Thank you guys for your prayers,” stated Dawn Richard. “My grandpa is home with God.. I am grateful for the great times…moving forward and gonna make him proud!,” she adds.

With a loss sometimes comes confusion, so though the singer seems to be in good spirits, she still sought out words of comfort stating, “What advice can you give someone trying to get over a death in the family?,” which was either for herself or for another member of her family possibly.

Condolences and best wishes go out to the singer and her family.

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