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Rihanna Gets A Gun!


Rihanna’s Gun tattoo photo
Rihanna has reportedly gotten a gun over the weekend! No, not a firing weapon but a etched tattoo of one. Over the weekend, the famed pop singer reportedly visited the Los Angeles-based tattoo artist, BangBang, the tattooist behind Rihanna’s body art, and had him to etch a small handgun onto her sexy ribcage.

According to a post by BangBang on the tattoo artist’s blog, he initially drew two guns on both sides of the singer’s top side along where her arms meet her chest. Rihanna reportedly loved the tattoos across her chest but later thought about how it might affect her Cover Girl cosmetics contract so decided to place the tattoo elsewhere.

Rihanna’s Gun tattoos picture

I really wanted to put it here… she loved em.. .but, Cover Girl wouldn’t have liked it much… and they pay the bills!

So BangBang supposedly put Rihanna’s gun tattoo onto her ribcage as shown in her photo.

Rihanna’s Gun tattoo photo

“Ended up doing it on her ribs,” stated BangBang on his blog.

Want more pictures of Rihanna’s tattoos?

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