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Aubrey O’Day Even More Naked In Playboy Magazine


Aubrey O’Day Photo - Playboy Magazine
Aubrey O’Day, 25, former member of Danity Kane that made headlines for pushing the envelope and most recently for going topless and showing off her goodies in the March issue of Playboy magazine, wants to push it even further.

According to the singer she only took a little bit off this time and she absolutely wants to do it again, any day.

“I absolutely want to do it again, any day. I’ve been asked to actually,” O’Day told Tarts a couple of weeks ago, reports Fox News. “I only took a little bit off this time so I’ll be back.”

Since revealing some skin in Playboy, the singer/model and celebrity socialite says she’s been getting a lot of creepy pictures lately.

“I get sent a lot of creepy pictures like of guys licking the pages,” she admitted. “It’s slightly weird.”

Regarding getting fired by Diddy from the group Danity Kane on last year, O’Day states that “everything in life happens for a reason” and “… a lot of people last year were fired.”

“We are in a recession,” O’Day admitted. “We are all going thru hard times. I’m just a public representative for being fired in 2008 and moving on in 2009.”

Aubrey O’Day Playboy Magazine Cover March 2009 Photo of Aubrey O’Day posing naked for Playboy Magazine

Check out more photos of Aubrey O’Day in Playboy Magazine.

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