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Rick Ross Calls 50 Cent Gay, Shouts Out Dr. Dre Says, ”Pay Me To Write His Raps”


Devi Dev talks with Rick Ross Who Calls 50 Cent Gay
Rick Ross, in a video that started out as a promotional video for his upcoming album ‘Deeper Than Rap,’ was asked by interviewer Devi Dev of 93.5 KDAY-FM The Beat in Los Angeles ‘why he calls 50 Cent Curly’. At this point, Rick Ross bluntly claims on camera it’s because ’50 Cent is gay’.

“He’s not straight, he’s a fag, he’s gay,” stated Rick Ross.

Rick Ross then goes on to claim that 50 Cent is ruining the beats produced by music producer and hip-hop icon Dr. Dre.

“Do us a favor, stop f-cking up those Dr. Dre beats,” the rapper adds.

Then Rick Ross gives a shout out to Dre stating, “Dre, you the best, I love you, send ‘em to me, if not, pay me to write his raps.”

Then the Miami rapper goes on to express how hungry he is stating that he’s “starving” while attempting to cut the interview short, but is thrown into another question about how the hip hop beef between him and 50 Cent got going.

Rick Ross proceeds to insult 50 Cent some more and then attempts to get Devi Dev to admit that 50 Cent is gay which she doesn’t do and actually, at the end of the interview, Devi Dev attempts kill the beef between the two expressing to 50 Cent quote, “From me to you, 50 you cool, Ross you cool, no more beef, let’s all make money.”

By this point, Rick Ross had already exited the door to get his munch on.

Check out Rick Ross’ interview with Devi Dev

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