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Mel B Takes ‘Spicy Lingerie’ Photos For Las Vegas Burlesque Show Debut


Melanie Brown - Mel B promo pic for Peep Show
Mel B aka Melanie Brown aka Scary Spice from the Spice Girls has taken sexy new promotional photos, wearing nothing but some sexy underwear, so that the ‘spicy girl’ can debut half-naked in a whole new ‘theatrical’ way! Mel B is planning to debut on the Las Vegas stage as Peep Diva in a burlesque show simply entitled Peep Show.

Yes, Las Vegas burlesque show! Meaning there will be topless dancers in the show, but Mel B who, reportedly, describes her costume as ‘scantily clad, but in a classy way,’ will have her top covered in sexy underwear.

Mel B had the following to say, according to Daily Mail:

‘Burlesque is all about embracing and celebrating your body. A girl’s gotta have great lingerie, but it’s also all about the wink and the tease that goes with it!

‘Modeling lingerie is really empowering and it was fantastic to get in character for the shoot and strut my stuff.’

The Las Vegas Burlesque ‘Peep Show’ happens later this month.

In other news, after battling comedian and actor Eddie Murphy about the paternity of her daughter, Angel Iris, in 2006 who is now 22 months-old, Murphy was ordered to pay $51,000 a month in child support in February. During Melanie Brown’s pregnancy in 2006 the comedian stated that he was not the father of her child, but DNA test proved he was the father in 2007.

Check Mel B’s sexy promotional photos for her debut in the Las Vegas Burlesque ‘Peep Show’:

Mel B posing in pink bra and panties for Las Vegas Burlesque Peep Show Mel B posing in Lingerie underwear for Las Vegas Burlesque Peep Show Photo of Mel B posing in Lingerie for Las Vegas Burlesque Peep Show
Picture of Mel B in Lingerie underwear for Las Vegas Burlesque Peep Show

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