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The True Hip-Hop Story of The Homeless Emcee

Hip Hop

D-Nice - True Hip-Hop Stories: Homeless Emcee
This is the story of a homeless rapper on the streets of Brooklyn documented in the ‘True Hip-Hop Stories‘ presented by D-Nice, popular 90′s rapper known from the hip hop group Boogie Down Productions.

“I feel for him because it’s quite obvious he suffered a great deal as a child. I don’t agree with how he lived his life but everyone deserves to be forgiven,” stated D-Nice in regards to the rapper referred to, in the title, only as “The Homeless Emcee.”

In the video, the emcee goes through his true real-life traumas from a very young age leading up to where he is today, which he wasn’t always homeless, but actually, at one point in his life, lived the hood-rich lifestyle of a street dealer and more.

Check the lyrical skills and true life story of the “Homeless Emcee” in this video presented by D-Nice.

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