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Former Lover Who Sparked Chris Brown, Rihanna Fight Revealed?


Chris Brown and Tina Davis
The mystery woman that supposedly sent the text message to Chris Brown on the day of the alleged altercation between Brown and girlfriend Rihanna has possibly now been revealed – as Chris Brown’s 40 year old manager, Tina Davis.

Celebrity gossip site TMZ is reporting that supposedly Davis, who was rumored to have had a relationship with Brown when he was 16 years old, is the one who started the alleged fight between the couple when she left Chris Brown a three-page text message on his cell phone, according to TMZ’s sources.

A detective’s affidavit reportedly stated that the text message was “from a woman who Brown had a previous sexual relationship with.”

This is what now seems to be the latest story in the Chris Brown, Rihanna alleged altercation — Rihanna got mad over the text message sent to Brown by his supposed former lover and manager Davis so Rihanna slapped Brown and well.. we know the rest, or at least what we’ve been told so far until now.

After Rihanna reportedly attacked Brown which according to some reports was with her stilettos, Brown reacted in anger over Rihanna attacking him, and went on the defensive and at some point it allegedly escalated too far, as maybe shown in the now infamous disturbing photo of a bruised Rihanna, released previously by TMZ.

There has been no repsonse from Chris Brown, his manager Tina Davis or their representatives at this time.

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