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Crazed Beyonce Fan: ”Who The F-ck Is Keri Hilson!!??” …LOL


Fan Video Who Is Keri Hilson
In this hilarious clip, a dude from Jersey listed as Brian or Bee, for short, on his YouTube channel, says he’s going to ‘Chris Brown’ Keri Hilson if she comes to Jersey over what she supposedly said in her song “Turnin Me On” remix where she allegedly dissed singer Beyonce Knowles.

For those of you who might have missed it, in a recent report, singer/songwriter Keri Hilson supposedly dissed Beyonce in her remix of the song ‘Turnin Me On’ featuring Lil Wayne and T-Pain, saying “Go head and tell these folks how long I’ve been writing your song/ I been putting you on/ Just check the credits ho/ And if you want me you can find me in Decatur ho” – read the rest here.

Meanwhile, if you’re looking for a laugh, you might want to check out Bee from Jersey, an obvious aspiring comedian, ‘going off’ on Keri Hilson and poking a little fun at her status versus Beyonce’s.

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