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50 Cent Presents Pimpin Curly: Episode 5.5 ”Curly’s Mad, Flex”


50 Cent as Pimpin Curly
50 Cent is at it once again returning in Pimpin Curly Episode 5.5 “Curly’s Mad, Flex,” sequel to Episode 5 of ‘The Fast Lane’ entitled ‘Shots Fired,’ of his 50 Cent’s Pimpin Curly series. AND he’s mad!

In Pimpin Curly Episode 5.5, Pimpin Curly feels like his pimping has been disrespected so he looks directly into the camera and speaks as if talking directly to 50 Cent’s hip hop rival Rick Ross, who’s been returning in radio interviews and on video with an entourage of mentions aimed at 50 Cent in the hip hop beef which sparked the beginning of Pimpin’ Curly #1 the debut. After all, it was hip hop rival Rick Ross, in the diss song ‘Kiss My Pinky Ring, Curly,’ that led to 50 Cent’s ‘Pimpin Curly’ series which since the beginning had excluded any mentions directly or indirectly to Ross until now again.

In this episode, Pimpin Curly, while listening to the 1970′s hit song She Used To Be My Girl by the O’Jays, even makes reference to Rick Ross’ baby momma Tiallondra “Tia” Kemp who was first introduced into the beef when 50 Cent brought her out to NY, hugged up with her, took her shopping, interviewed her in a revealing exclusive on Rick Ross and more. Pimpin Curly states that not only does he have one baby mama but both baby momma’s of his rival, and then warns, much like the warning of the real 50 Cent, that he is going to “f-ck up” the life of the person he’s talking to.

Check out 50 Cent Presents Pimpin Curly: Episode 5.5 ”Curly’s Mad, Flex”

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