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Snoop Dogg Invites Chris Brown And Rihanna On His ‘Dogg After Dark’ Show


Photo of Snoop Dogg, Chris Brown and Rihanna
Recently, rapper and television host of the ‘Dogg After Dark’ MTV series, Snoop ‘Doggy’ Dogg put out an invitation to singers Chris Brown and Rihanna to appear on his TV show.

“I would definitely have them on the show,” Snoop Dogg said in brief talk with celebrity gossip site HollyScoop.

The rapper says he would have them on the show to discuss their relationship with ‘Relationship and Life Strategy Expert’ Dr. Phil, real name Phillip Calvin McGraw, who’s known for offering advice privately as a former psychologist and publicly on shows such as Oprah Winfrey and his own Dr. Phil show.

“I would have to have Dr. Phil on the show because that’s not my section or department, but I’m sure Dr. Phil would have some advice,” added Snoop Dogg.

The rapper goes on to state if he couldn’t get Dr. Phil that he would get Dr. Dre.

“If he [Dr. Phil] wasn’t available I would get Dr. Dre to come on the show for them [Chris Brown and Rihanna],” Snoop continued.

In the case of the Chris Brown and Rihanna (Robyn Fenty) alleged assault, singer Chris Brown appeared in court on March 5 on two felony charges of criminal threats and assault and had he arraignment date moved to April 6, 2009.

Judge Kristi Lousteau ordered Brown to not to annoy, harass, molest, threaten or use force or violence against anyone.

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