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Lil Kim Doesn’t Want To Be ‘Little’ Kim Anymore, ”I’m A Woman”


Rapper Lil Kim Speaks with AOL Black Voices
Lil Kim speaks with AOL Black Voices and talks about rehearsing and participating in the Dancing With The Stars competition.

“The most difficult part is rehearsing for six hours in high-heel shoes,” stated Lil Kim. “I can almost do a cartwheel… and that was like ‘Wow’ to me..,” added Lil Kim.

The rapper goes on to say that her record label did not understand her and the direction that she wanted to go in after being released from jail. “I”m elevating and I’m growing as a girl into a woman. They so use to the little tiny Kim and now I kind of want to be an entrepreneur and kind of explore that side of my new next level career,” stated Lil Kim.

“I want to kind of set a new tone and a new path for Lil Kim,” she added.

The singer goes to talk about fashion, her inspiration and challenges and went on to speak about how she doesn’t want to waste her talents because she can do more than just rap and believes rappers can be singers, singers can be rappers and dancers and so on.

“If God gives you talent and you don’t use it, you’ll lose it,” stated Lil Kim.

Dancing With The Stars will air Mondays at 8/7 PM CST on ABC starting March 9th, 2009.

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