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50 Cent’s Pimpin’ Curly Gets ‘Bootylicious’ In Episode 5; Plus Trouble In The Fast Lane


50 Cent in Pimpin Curly - The  Fast Lane: Shots Fired
50 Cent is back starring in another role of his Pimpin Curly series. Episode 5 of ‘The Fast Lane’ entitled ‘Shots Fired,’ the sequel to episode 4 ‘The Fast Lane: Meet Uncle Pinky‘ from the Pimpin Curly episodes, starts out with some pimps gathered around the ‘pimp round table’ talking about how they no longer have any prostitutes left because they all went to work for Pimpin Curly.

One particular pimp though says he still has his ‘b-tch’ and brings out one in particular named ‘Charlotte’ who appears in her bootylicious outfit which drives another pimp into an almost ‘orgasmic’ frenzy. Soon after that, ‘Charlotte’ decides to leave her pimp as well for Pimpin Curly.

Following that scene, Pimpin Curly is seen driving Charlotte to her new destination to work for him. Later in this show’s episode, Pimpin Curly runs into a bit of trouble when someone tries to kill him with an automatic weapon which Pimpin Curly barely escapes with his life. Following the paranoia of that near death experience, Pimpin Curly turns to crime or should we say ‘more crime than pimpin’ and robs some poor guy of his ‘ThisIs50′ chain, but the guy managed to keep his burger which he refused to give up in the McDonald’s parking lot.

Towards the end of the episode, Pimpin Curly is shown attempting to rob another guy driving down the street for his Bentley ride.

Check out the episode 5 of 50 Cent’s Pimpin Curly – The Fast Lane: Shots Fired

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