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Judge Says Rihanna Can Record Chris Brown; Singer May Testify


Photo of singer Rihanna
After an order was put in on yesterday, singer Chris Brown was warned by the Judge to not “harass, strike, threaten, assault (sexually or otherwise), follow, stalk, molest, destroy or damage personal or real property, disturb the peace, keep under surveillance, or block movements of the protected person named above (Robyn Fenty aka Rihanna),” as quoted in court documents. Documents now further reveal that the singer’s conversations and any other communications with Rihanna won’t exactly have the right to privacy as the Judge has also given Rihanna permission to record Chris Brown’s conversations.

“The protected person may record any prohibited communications made by the restrained person,” stated the Criminal Protective Order, court document used in Domestic Violence. The protective order has a listed expiration date of March 2012 (view the court document here).

In addition, it seems that Rihanna, who initially cooperated with police even before the public knew who was the unidentified woman allegedly assaulted by Brown, may now testify against Brown as well… if subpoenaed.

According to MTV News, Rihanna’s attorney stated, “At this point, she is willing to do anything that the law requires her to do… If subpoenaed, she will testify.”

Reportedly it is believed that Rihanna will likely be subpoenaed as a witness however, experts who spoke with PEOPLE stated that she cannot be threatened with jail time if she refuses to take the stand.

Meanwhile, Chris Brown who was, on yesterday, charged with two felonies of making criminal threats and assault, was granted additional time for his arraignment which is now scheduled for April 6, 2009.

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