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Usher Disgruntled At Rihanna Photo, Tells Chris Brown, ”Have.. Remorse Man”


Usher upset over Chris Brown on Jet Ski photos
Singer Usher has expressed his disappointment in fellow singer Chris Brown for ‘having so much fun’ while his girlfriend Rihanna seems to be laying low after her alleged abuse, domestic violence incident allegedly committed by Brown on the pre-night of the Grammys. Following that night, the actual day of the Grammys, Brown was booked on suspicion of making criminal threats and released on $50,000 bail.

Brown has been spotted supposedly in Miami partying with celebrity friends, along with Khloe Kardashian, which the Kardashian denies as recently reported, and Brown was spotted, photographed jet-skiing and seemingly striking a pose with a happy smile for the paps as well. Before that, Brown had been thought to be still sorry and saddened over the alleged abuse, domestic violence incident as he announced in his previous statements.

Well, the photographs of a smiling Chis Brown enjoying himslef on a jet-ski didn’t seem to go over well with singer Usher who had this to say on a video blog of Jermaine Dupri’s “Living the Life” series: “I’m a little disappointed in this photo.. Come on Chris, have a little bit of remorse man. …The man’s on jet skis? Like, just relaxing in Miami?”

Since then, both Brown and Rihanna were both laying quite low, until after being in hiding for almost two weeks after the alleged incident, Rihanna was spotted for the first time, photo’d in L.A., the night before her 21st Birthday and then later in bikini photos in Mexico. Before that, there was only a statement by the singer who would not comment on Chris Brown and, before that, there was the statement, previously mentioned, by Chris Brown.

But the most disturbing news of all, even more disturbing than the news of the alleged assault itself, had to be the news of the photo of a badly bruised and swollen Rihanna, which was released by celebrity gossip site TMZ.

Meanwhile the two are reportedly back together, with means to mend their publicly broken relationship, while trying to stay out of the public eye and not get photographed together, which the photo would be worth a reported $100,000 if taken. Meanwhile, they as well as the public watch and listen and await news of charges and the court date of Chris Brown in the alleged criminal threat, domestic violence case.

Usher upset over Chris Brown on Jet Ski photos Chris Brown Jet Ski Pose Photo Video of Usher and Friends Talking about Crhis Brown and Rihanna, and Dissing Christina Milian

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