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Update: Rihanna’s New Bikini Photos in Mexico Surface After Alleged Assault


Rihanna Photo’d In Mexico Wearing A Bikini
As recently reported, the beautiful pop singer Rihanna, who was before now, thought to be still badly bruised, was recently photo’d wearing a sexy bikini outfit in Mexico after the alleged assault incident by boyfriend Chris Brown, which supposedly occurred the pre-night of the Grammys. Well, new and crisp photos of the singer in her sexy bikini outfit have now surfaced.

In the photos which were taken by paparazzi in Mexico, Rihanna can be seen in the bikini photographs taken with no visible marks anywhere near resembling the recently released bruised photo of Rihanna after the alleged assault.

Rihanna actually looks lovely standing by the pool with her wet hair and glimmering body, even though she had somewhat of a sad and depressed look on her face.

Rihanna Photo’d In Mexico Wearing A Bikini Rihanna Photo’d In Mexico Wearing A Bikini

Check out more photos of Rihanna in Mexico wearing a bikini.

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